September 28th, 2012

More from me, in 7 takes

— 1 —
Small Steps

The other day, Stephen approached me with a twinkle in his eye. “You know,” he said, “your book is selling for $999 on Amazon … Don’t we have some of those around here?”

Indeed it is. And indeed we do. Just a very few, mind you. I explained the concept of “out of print” to the child, but still he was not convinced that we should not actually be making a killing on the internet.

Soon, sweetie. Soon.

Ave Maria Press plans to make Small Steps available to everyone in the spring of 2013, and my co-author Elizabeth and I will be so happy when they do. Stay tuned here for updates!

— 2 —
Runner’s Highs and Lows

I have been continuing my running workouts, and as I run, I think about the concept of “runner’s high” often. Sometimes, I experience runner’s lows. As in (usually between miles 1 and 2), I run while thinking:

Why does anyone Ever! Do! This!? Why do I? Do! This??? …

I think my leg is broken. Or maybe that’s my lung.

Whatever it is, something is definitely not functioning properly. I should put an end to this foolishness and seek medical intervention Right! Now!

But then there are highs, too. Usually somewhere between miles 2 and 3, I think I start to lose my mind. It’s then that I begin to think:

This is the awesomest thing I have Ever! Done! … I should Always! Be! Running! Everyone should Always! Be! Running! Because obviously, running is the Best! Thing! Ever! Let it Never! Stop!

Do people know about this? Because seriously, everyone should Always! Be! Running!

RUN! NING! NOW! Whhhhhheeeeeee!

I’m pretty sure both experiences are somewhat removed from reality, and I am currently trying to find a balance between the two. I will keep you posted.

— 3 —
Apple Pie

It is officially autumn in New England, so I baked two apple pies this week. I ignored the piles of laundry, the un-answered emails in my inbox, the unwashed sheets lying filthily in everybody’s beds, and I baked two apple pies from scratch. Yes, I did, and yes, it was worth it. And you should too. Don’t forget the vanilla ice cream.

— 4 —
Sleep Deprived

Earlier this week, my man mumbled these words: “I will drive the kids to school in the morning.”


— 5 —

Sometimes I think I should not drink so much wine … And then I cry.

— 6 —
Laudamus Te

There is a beautiful new magazine you need to know about:

Laudamus Te

They describe themselves like this:

A seasonal publication which provides the daily Mass readings for the Extraordinary form of the Roman Catholic Mass as well as explanatory essays, commentaries by various saints and the Church Fathers, and devotional essays by Latin Mass priests and religious. The publication is intended to draw the faithful into a better understanding of the Mass and make possible deeper meditation and devotion as well to educate and inform those who are new to the Extraordinary form.

I know that you will enjoy this publication. I happen to know the people behind this project, and they happen to be a little bit awesome. So I hope that you will support them, with your subscriptions/donations/publicity.

Laudamus Te … Thank you!

— 7 —
The Blow Out

I had my roots touched up today, the stylist blow dried my hair before I left, and it looks amazing.


I have the blow dryer with diffuser. I have the hot air brush with ceramic core. I try to copy what my stylist does, and yet I always wind up a little more Gene than Jennifer.


Is this do-able at home? Is there a magic product or strategy that I am missing? Help a mom out.

That’s all you get! Hope your weekend is great! (Go see Jen for more of these!)

5 comments to More from me, in 7 takes

  • great article! You should write for a living… 😉

    (Keep up the good work!)

  • Pam

    I loved this.

    I never was an athletic type unless you counted marching band. Then I did the Couch to 5k and suddenly I have muscles in my legs and overly bright running shoes. I am a jog/runner working on the runner part and am absolutely baffled that I am enjoying it so darn much.

    I am currently indoors most of the time but am hoping that my new found strength will give me courage to venture outdoors and join the rattle snakes and coyotes her in California in their natrual environment.


  • That’s so funny about the price of your book. A while back I raved about Mary Sheehan Warren’s ‘It’s So You’ (which I”m chuffed to say I bought from her personally at a workshop here in Ireland)that several of my friend’s went to buy it…and got back to me to say they were dying to get any beauty advice which cost €800!!! I hadn’t checked. I can relate to all your takes this week…except the apple pie. I can bake anything else and it always turns out about right but I think pastry can detect my psychological block I have about it…I just can’t get it right after all these years. Maybe I’ll brace myself and try again, my husband loves them. As a matter of fact one of his patients that I know well always pays him with apple pies, she knows my problem!

  • Joan

    Re #7: I don’t know, and if anyone can show me how to do it in 10 minutes or less let me know LOL. At the moment I am wearing a style that is wash and wear. It seems my hair has gotten curlier as I have aged. That is a very good thing, as I have gotten a lot of compliments. Just had my roots touched up too. Bet I have more of that color that starts with a g than you!!!

  • Anne

    I am so with you on #’s 3,4, and 5! And if you could just send some of your Autumn weather over to California where it is currently in the 90’s, we would really appreciate it!

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