December 13th, 2015

3 Christmas Confessions

Take a deep breath.

Now exhale slowly …

“I have done nothing yet. I have not bought a single gift,” a friend texted me yesterday. I could feel her anxiety through my phone.

“I’ll be glad when Christmas is OVER,” I heardĀ a lady say at the hair salonĀ last week. “It’s all just too much.”

People, we are doing it again. Whether the cookies get baked, the presents get bought, the problems with the in-laws get ironed out, or the tree gets decorated, it is going to be ok. We are going to be ok. Let’s not stress ourselves through a celebration of the nativity of Our Lord …

Read the rest of this week’s Danielle bean newsletter (including my three confessions) here.

UPDATE on the confessions:

  1. The new Advent wreath arrived, but I still have not found the old one.
  2. The cranberries and popcorn are still not done.
  3. I am drinking a *little bit* more water these days. Small steps!

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