October 1st, 2013

Small Steps Blog Tour!

(beginning today at an internet near you)

You can win books!

You can participate in a cute and funny contest!

Did I mention winning books?

Would you like to win this fabulous collection of Catholic Mom books, each signed by its author?

Of course you would. For your chance to win, go to CatholicMom.com and share the funniest (or most effective!) way you manage to get five minutes alone.

Because five minutes is all you need to “do” Small Steps for Catholic Moms. You can do this.

And you can even win a free copy of the book to get you started, five little minutes at a time.

The Small Steps Blog Tour begins today, with the awesome Lisa Schmidt at the Practicing Catholic. Thank you, Lisa!

The rest of the tour is scheduled as follows:

October 2 – Rachel Balducci at Testosterhome
October 3 – Ginny Sheller at Small Things
October 4 – Barb Szyszkiewicz at Franciscan Mom
October 5 – Grace Snow at Uncommon Grace
October 6 – Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things
October 7 – Pat Gohn at The Back Porch
October 8 – Ginny Moyer at Random Acts of Momness
October 9 – Christine Johnson at Domestic Vocation
October 10 – Martina Kreitzer at Catholic Sistas
October 11 – Simcha Fisher at I Have to Sit Down
October 12 – Elizabeth Scalia at The Anchoress

I want to thank our lovely blog hostesses and the very nice folks at CatholicMom.com for organizing this whole tour and being so darned encouraging and supportive as we work to get word out about Small Steps for Catholic Moms. I hope you will participate in the tour, enter to win (multiple ways, multiple days!), and begin your journey toward a closer relationship with Christ … one small step at a time.

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