May 29th, 2008


Did you watch? Are you gratified?

Personally speaking, I was totally paid back for all my hours and hours of watching, all my hours and hours of “What the … ?” when Desmond and Penny kissed. For real. Does it get any better than that?

Have they hooked you enough for next season? I am easy and I admit it — I am so there.

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24 comments to Lost!

  • I agree that Desmond and Penny hooking up was worth every heart-racing second of this finale. I’m guessing they end up going back to the island – we’ll see what happens with Kate and Aaron though…

  • Oh yeah. That was a great moment.

    As for next season, I’m so totally there. So many answers and so many more questions.

  • Penny and Desmond sittin’ in a tree!!!
    Worth It ALL!

  • Carolyn A

    So many questions left! But just enough answers to make it satisfying. So good!

  • Totally gratified…and will be marking off the days with BIG red X’s until season 5 starts!

  • Sara B.

    Never watched it….but my two oldest are watching all the seasons online this summer. has them in streaming video, evidently. DS watched this past season, so I walked in after the swim meet to see the ship blowing up and all the angst, and I’m thinking “I’ve GOT to see what led up to all this!” How many seasons do I have to watch? At least I don’t have to deal with all those long periods where they weren’t making new episodes! lol!

  • Lenetta

    We had tornadoes *right* north of here, so the episode was pre-empted by weather coverage! They said that they’d been receiving phone calls and that the episode would be aired in its entirety later. I do prefer to watch it on TV versus the computer, even though the computer has fewer commercials. I can’t wait to see it, except that it means it’ll be a while before it’s back!

  • Loved it! Now hubby and I will be a smidge sad on Thursday nights – at least until the new season starts! :)

  • KatieButler

    My sister got me hooked this season, and filled in most of the blanks for me. I haven’t been this excited about a show in a long time. I love everything about it–characters, plotlines, the writing. Fortunately I have seasons 1-3 to catch up on to keep me busy until the premiere of season 5!

  • LOVED Penny and Desmond’s long-awaited reunion! And FINALLY seeing who was in that coffin!!!!

  • Sarah

    It’s so gratifying and yet so stressful because I know I’ll be asking myself questions for months until the new season, thus chastening myself when proven wrong – brilliant stuff! Anyway, I’ll have to watch it all again, because when I’m watching I have to dodge questions by my kids who can’t seem to follow and not ask, “What was that about” “what’s going on” etc..

    Love the Penny and Desmond kiss!! Whoo-hooo!

  • I’m totally there too! Can’t wait til February or whenever it is supposed to return. Supposedly there are alternate endings for last night’s finale floating around out there. I want to see those!

  • Sally

    I have a huge crush on Desmond and was unabashedly tearful when those two finally kissed! A great finale episode with not too crazy of a cliff hanger (no hatch!). I’m there next season and probably re-watching episodes on over the summer to hold me over! :)

    Cassie, the alternate endings were on ABC news this morning. They just showed different characters in the coffin at that last snippet (Des and Sawyer)

  • Theresia

    I’m so ‘lost’ I guess. Without tv reception we do miss out on some things, obviously. So, are the past seasons good to rent? family viewing? teens? just dh and I?? We do like finding tv series that we can rent and watch in short snip its.

  • Amy

    Ah, the Penny/Desmond reunion was DEFINITELY worth every frustrating unanswered qustion this season! Now, I’m just going to worry about Ben trying to kill Penny!

  • It’s great to watch on DVD, Theresia — that’s how I got started a couple of seasons ago. You can get past episodes on Netflix and/or online at the ABC site.

    It is probably OK for teens, but not for little kids. It has some violence, plenty of scary stuff, some implied sex, and some “underwear” scenes. You should watch first and decide which of your kids can handle it, of course.

  • FirstTimeMom

    What a great finale! And like PP said, even though I was up with my baby all night due to his fever, I didn’t care, because I had a lot to think about! Like, will everyone go back to being ‘lost’? What happened on the island? Is this a battle between good and evil? How did John Locke get out? What exactly is the time travel scenario here?
    And although I loved Penny and Desmond reuniting, what about Sawyer’s goodbye kiss to Kate? Hello…how romantic but sad was that? Next season should be fun.

  • Don’t forget Sawyer’s Kenny Rogers quip !

  • kc

    I have watched seasons 1 – 3 on Netflix. Auugh. Now I know the finale…anyway… I am hooked. But I’m a little troubled that I’m hooked. I wonder if it’s mostly me? I find the some of the sexual situations between characters so ummmm….degrading? A moral free-for-all? I wouldn’t want my teens watching it at all. I know that it’s a reflection of our culture, but I wish I could watch it without filling my mind with some of the images and ideas. You could still have worldly characters with intrigue and suspense without going as far as they do. I feel a bit compromised sometimes.

  • CJ

    yes i’m hooked and have been for a long time. this is the one and only show we watch

    i totally thought ben was in the coffin until he walked in. after watching sun’s agony they had no choice but to bring desmond and penny together……………so i’m guessing season 5 will show us what happened on the island after they left.

  • Michele

    My dh and I LOVED it! The Desmond and Penny reunion was awesome (although, if they “all” have to go back, does that include Desmond? How sad!). I love the complex character that Ben has become. How great of an actor is Michael Emerson? We are so hooked on this show – how crazy is that!

    Oh, and I really, really hope that Jin is not dead!

  • Jen

    Yes, I’m hooked and will be back when it airs next year. I loved the Penny Desmond reunion, but thought the Sawyer/Kate kiss and moving the island was amazing.

  • Hi Okie,
    We were cracking up at the Kenny Rogers comment! I loved it!

  • Ditto on the Kenny Rogers quip… Sawyer’s character is AWESOME. And what a naturally virtuous man. OK, minus the premarital indiscretions. *sheepish grin*

    DH and I finally watched it last night. Lots of answers and just enough new questions to keep me intrigued.

    Can’t wait for next season…. do we have to wait until Feb again? Anyone know?

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