November 3rd, 2007

Don’t Forget

to turn your clocks back one hour tonight!

November 3rd, 2007

I was being so good.

When I went to Walmart on Thursday, I knew that the candy aisle would be way marked down, and so I didn’t go there. I knew they would have enormous packages of Whoppers slashed down to a too good to resist price, and so I just didn’t look. That’s how good I was.

But can I help it if my husband knows me? Can I help it if he goes

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November 3rd, 2007


Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Veronica, St. Therese of Lisieux (as a young girl), Old Testament Daniel with a man-eating lion (holding his pacifier), St. Stephen (his prop, a bloody rock, was still drying when this photo was taken), and Juan Diego (who for some reason did not hold up his impressive-looking, rose covered, image-of-Our-Lady-adorned tilma I spent forever glue gunning. C’mon, Juan!)